During a trip to the Harry Ransom Center located on the campus of the University of Texas, an unassuming Finnegans Wake reading group stumbled upon a collection of pastels created by Elsa de Brun (working under the name Nuala). This collection is titled “A Valentines for James Joyce,” and each one of the pastels is titled with a line or phrase taken from James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake.

Several members of the reading group were so taken with the beautiful artwork done by Elsa de Brun as well as the amazing pairing of her abstract work with the words from Finnegans Wake–which are themselves often considered by many as pretty abstract–that this group decided to work toward bringing her amazing artwork out of the cardboard box in the Harry Ransom Center and into the public eye.

Due to the fragile nature of pastel artwork, the group decided to see about getting photographs of the pastels, pairing them with the quotes from Finnegans Wake, and creating an exhibition and corresponding art book of all the pastels in “A Valentines for James Joyce.”

This website and our Facebook page will post updates as the project progresses. Please follow us in either place as we start on this journey of bringing Elsa de Brun’s work back into the world.